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406 Manson Road, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120, United States

(501) 420-4827


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sherwood



"Flat out amazing. Instructors are extremely competent, helpful, kind, generous folks. I enjoy bjj because it's a great mental and physical workout, and more rewarding than going to the gym and just pumping some iron in my opinion. I enjoy Nemesis because of the friendships that were almost instantaneous, and continually forged as everyone continues together in their bjj and life journey."


"Great instruction and a welcoming atmosphere. Matt and all the guys at Nemesis have gone out of there way to make me feel like part of the family! Truly humble guys who just love Jiu Jitsu and want to share their knowledge. Love the 6am Zombie squad."


"​3 Black Belts in one house? That's unheard of in Arkansas. Matt and the crew are very respectful and incredibly talented. They all actively compete and are the best I've trained with." 


“I wouldn’t call nemesis just a gym that I go to, I would call it my second home. One of the hardest things I had to let go off when I left Arkansas was Coach Matt and everyone in this gym. I’ve been in the search of a new place to train for in Massachusetts and due to the expectations nemesis has created for me, I can’t find one that I would be happy with. This is hands down the best gym in Arkansas.“


“Two of our 3 kiddos are attending here for their children's classes, and we have been really impressed with the progress they have made and the fun they have had. Very low-key, family-friendly atmosphere, with solid and consistent principles taught and expected.”


“Hands down the place to train! NEMESIS is filled with awesome people with high quality techniques!”